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Aerials 4screen

PROCESS & PRETENSE 2015 4screen HD

Video shot on location in Hallgrimskirkja (Hallgrims-church), Reykjavik 2015. Exhibition PROCESS \u0026 PRETENSE in Reykjavik Art Museum consisting of 4 synchronized video projections, 6 large scale digital drawings and a Lego construction of Hallgrimskirkja.

Apple Watch Series 4 Screen Repair | Fix Cracked Glass | Apple Watch Restoration


Please watch the entire video before attempting repair.

This video shows how to replace the screen on an Apple watch Series 4, Series 5 and SE are similar in design (screens are not compatible between 4 and 5 series).

I have found that using a specific liquid adhesive you can achieve water proofing as from factory. Double sided tape make for easier repair but will not have any water proofing.

Tools required:
-Heat gun (blow dryer will work)
-Thin metal pry tool (I use a dull razor)
-Plastic pry tool
-Replacement screen (make sure you buy the correct size for your watch)
-B7000 adhesive (e6000 will work)




Heat gun:


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Rose Baby : Great video as always! Thanks for sharing!! Loved the music too
it's anagha : hi! are you doing repairs? and if yes please let me know the charges and which places you’re covering
Emanuele Lattuca : Hi great video. I was wondering if the b7000 glue makes the watch waterproof or, at least, water resistant. Thank you for the explanation.
Mr JC : Hi The Fix,

Thanks for the great video! Where can i buy Apple replacement screen?
Katherine Marsh : How much does it cost for you to repair this?




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